About Us

We are a social enterprise working in healthcare space and trying to create health and environment awareness about ‘Menstruation’. We see an amazing opportunity to advance social transformation and ecological awareness as menstruation is an experience that is beyond culture, class and caste. We try to create a holistic approach to menstruation through integrating methods which help creating awareness about the menstruation process.

We conduct health and environment awareness programs and promote concepts which are health friendly and environmentally sustainable.

We conduct Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) sessions in Educational Institutes, Women Social Groups, Housing Societies, Corporate offices, Medical Institutions etc. In these sessions, we share information about the biological process of menstruation, the related health & hygiene issues, the myths around menstruation and how to manage health and hygiene during menstruation in a healthy and environmentally sustainable manner.


Our team comprises of working professionals and doctors volunteering their time for the project. We also welcome the individuals to volunteer and support us who can contribute their time and efforts towards spreading a word about health and hygiene and support our cause of making this planet a better place for living.