Pantyliner with Leakproof (PUL)


Pantyliner with Leakproof (PUL) 00004

Three (3) pieces per pack

For extra protection, these Pantyliners are with a PUL leakproof layer. These Pantyliners are ideal for daily discharge, spotting, your light flow days, or in combination with a menstrual cup or tampon for added protection.

Additional information:

  • With PUL leakproof layer
  • 18cm length x 7cm width when closed
  • All-in-One design with 3 ultra-absorbent cotton flannel layers inside, a breathable PUL leakproof backing & soft cotton flannel top
  • Closes with nickel-free plated snaps
₹340 In stock
Brand:Eco Femme
Pantyliner with Leakproof (PUL)